Joy Atlas – ‘Dismount’ (single)

“With plenty of space left for your imagination to fill in the gaps, these semi-futuristic sounds are aided by some delectable rhythms in their attempts to be a memorable speck in the ever-growing world of pop. This one is much more memorable than most though as a heavenly voice is backed by such sweet bass playing that I feel I may never bother picking up my four-stringed love again” (

Hav – ‘Inver’ (Album)

“Peggy Gordon, an old folk song from Nova Scotia popularised by the Dubliners and Sinead O’Connor amongst others, is the album’s straightest traditional ballad, sung with feeling and restraint by Ross, with Paterson’s springy bass lines given space to expand into Danny Thompson-like territory”

Slowlight Quartet – ‘In Flight’ (EP)

“With its focus on mood, melody, nuance, texture and ensemble playing “In Flight” represents a remarkable début from such a young band” (

Live @ Blaydon Jazz Club (April ’18)

“There Will Never Be Another You (Harry Warren/Mack Gordon) featured a short solo from drummer Russ Morgan and, standing to his left, bassist Ian Patterson played it ‘just so’ all night; unobtrusive, fully engaged, enjoying the occasion”. (