Trois Morceaux pour Contrebasse – Hegner

Ludvig Hegner – Trois Morceaux pour Contrebasse

Three excellent little pieces for double bass and piano. Unfortunately they require the whole bass to be tuned up a tune (i.e. strings tuned F# / B / E / A) which is quite a hassle. So I have transposed and re-scored the piano part so these pieces can be played with the double bass in normal tuning (i.e. strings E / A / D / G).

Here is the original file (out of copyright) which contains both piano and bass music. If you want to play these pieces with the whole bass tuned up a tone then use these files:

Hegner – Trois Morceaux pour Contrebass

Here is the re-scored piano part. If you want to play this piece in concert pitch then use this piano part with the double bass part from the pdf above.

Tranposed piano accompaniment

Any mistakes / errors please let me know and I will correct them immediately!