New Album Release: ‘Inver’ by HAV

Very pleased that the debut album ‘Inver’ by atmospheric-folk trio HAV has been released on Folkwit Records. It’s been three years in the making so it’s great that it’s finally seeing the light!

It’s had some great reviews so far including: ‘(a) profoundly moving and expressive album that is the perfect antidote to quick fixes and empty gestures’ (FRUK); ‘mellifluous, immersive and gentle’(NARC); ‘beautiful‘ (The Crack) & a five star review from Rock ‘n’ Reel who say “Inver might just be the most inspired folk offering you’ll hear in the next twelve months”.

Check it out here or on Spotify and let us know what you think!

First single from new band ‘Joy Atlas’

Sharks Took the Rest are no more. Long live Joy Atlas! The phoenix rises from the flames.

The first single from Joy Atlas is here and it’s getting some lovely reviews. I especially like this one – ok I admit it it’s because they actually bother to comment about the bass – a rarity in my experience!

“With plenty of space left for your imagination to fill in the gaps, these semi-futuristic sounds are aided by some delectable rhythms in their attempts to be a memorable speck in the ever-growing world of pop. This one is much more memorable than most though as a heavenly voice is backed by such sweet bass playing that I feel I may never bother picking up my four-stringed love again. As if this wasn’t enough, the synth interjections are judged so brilliantly that each time they come in your smile will increase by a few degrees. That’s maths that.

You don’t often get such forward-facing pop music as this, cherish it while you can.”


Mark Morgan-Richards @ Classic and Cool Guitars

I’ve just bought a lovely 83 P bass from Mark Morgan-Richards at Classic and Cool Guitars.

I’ve written a little testimonial for him for his website and just wanted to share it here as well in case any of you guys were looking at places to buy older basses. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. And I’m not getting any money from him for this – just flagging up one of the ‘good guys’ on the scene!

“Purchasing a bass at distance without seeing it is never easy but Mark made the whole process very painless. From initial suggestions of instruments that he thought would be appropriate for my needs, to detailed info / pictures on instruments when required, combined with quick responses throughout to all my little question / queries this was a smooth transaction.The bass I finally settled on (an 83 P bass) is sweet and entirely as described by Mark – I look forward to playing it in the weeks and months to come.

I highly recommend Mark to anyone considering purchasing a bass from him”.

TKS engineering 12″ cab

I’ve been really impressed this week with this super lightweight and super loud 12″ cab from TKS engineering. It did a great job in a very noisy theatre pit delivering a tight sound across the whole frequency range. In fact it was so good it showed up all the little niggles in my playing and all the dead spots on my bass. That’s an accurate cab. So my suggestion to you is to go check them out!

Signal chain this week (for them’s that’s interested):

P-bass (with D’Addario half wounds) -> Sansamp Para Driver – > Mark Bass Little Mark II Blackline -> TKS 12″