Session work

I am available to work both face to face and at distance on any project that you need bass on. This might entail reading a pre-written notated score, working off a lead sheet, creating a bass line in discussion with you, simply just ‘going for it’ or any combination of the above! I’m flexible!

Recent work at distance has included John Waugh (the 1975), Nick Pride and the Pimptones (Record Kicks / Legere), Cattle and Cane (Quiet Crown Recordings), HAV (Folkwit) & Christophe Le Pu (The Rubber Wellies) amongst others.

I am able to record both electric and double bass to a professional standard in my home studio and then email the tracks directly to you. Listen below to the recordings I have recorded at distance as a example of some of the varied electric / upright bass sounds I can provide from my home studio:

Upright bass (online ‘Corona Collaboration’ during the recent lockdown):

Electric bass with electro-pop band Joy Atlas

Upright bass with folk singer Marcella O’Sullivan (bass in @31sec)

Upright bass with baroque-folk band Matt Stalker and Fables

Fretless bass with folk singer Marcella O’Sllivan (bass in @1min56)