My current research interests are based around the use of digital media within 1-1 lessons. I am currently trialing an ‘online practise diary’ (using Google Docs) which can be accessed on your phone / ipad / laptop and can be shared with whomever you like (normally just yourself and you tutor!). My 1-1 students on the undergraduate course have just completed an end of term interview with me about their experience of trialing it this year and now I need to wade through it all and begin writing up my research paper.

My primary findings:

1) Students who have engaged with this process have made marked progress within the time frame one one academic year – much more than I have ever observed in 15 years of 1-1 teaching;
2) Students have all taken the basic template given out and adjusted it to their own needs (i.e. developed autonomy & taken control of their learning away from the classroom);
3) With an online app students can’t ‘forget’ their practise diary & I can check in on it throughout the week – increased motivation to practise (!).

Get in touch if this is something you’re interested in discussing / being involved with.