New Transcription – Joe Dart playing Dean Town by Vulfpeck (submission from Gabriele Marzoli)

I got a lovely email from Gabriele Marzoli (based in Italy) today thanking me for all the transcriptions. He’s kindly sent me his transcription of Dean Town and asked if I would post it for you good folk o’ the Internet to see. So don’t delay – head over to the transcription page immediately to find it! It’s really really cool when folks get in touch to say hi and let me know these transcriptions are being put to good use. So if you’re using them please drop me an email.

All that remains to say is ‘grazie mille’ to Gabriele for the transcription!

Kids / work / practise…..equals a lack of time to do transcriptions!

It’s been a busy old year so far holding down two jobs and dealing with two small demanding children. Fitting in time to even do a little practise each day has been tough let alone trying to complete new transcriptions. But there will be some more on the way soon don’t you worry! In the meantime I reckon there’s enough already up there to keep you good folks of the internet happy. But if you’ve got any specific requests fire them my way, you never know!! Thanks. Dodge

Bass Masterclass @ Durham New College – 27/2/19

It was absolutely great to spend a few hours with three of the bass players on the Roots and Popular Music degree @ Durham New College. We talked about practice routines, transcription and looked at how to get the most out of any transcription that you do. Not just learning the line, but understanding it and trying to get inside the head of the bass player who wrote it. The students were great to work with and played some great ideas throughout the session – looking forward to seeing what they get up to in the coming years!

Masterclass Durham New College

Action Research – end of the first year!

Just come to the end of the first year of my action research project using online practise diaries with my degree students. It’s been a great year, they’ve all engaged with the idea really well (some have even modified the diaries in really innovative ways) and all have made some really fantastic progress. Now I’ve got 60 mins of interview / discussion to wade through so I can start writing up my research paper.

New Album Release: ‘Inver’ by HAV

Very pleased that the debut album ‘Inver’ by atmospheric-folk trio HAV has been released on Folkwit Records. It’s been three years in the making so it’s great that it’s finally seeing the light!

It’s had some great reviews so far including: ‘(a) profoundly moving and expressive album that is the perfect antidote to quick fixes and empty gestures’ (FRUK); ‘mellifluous, immersive and gentle’(NARC); ‘beautiful‘ (The Crack) & a five star review from Rock ‘n’ Reel who say “Inver might just be the most inspired folk offering you’ll hear in the next twelve months”.

Check it out here or on Spotify and let us know what you think!